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A Small Glossary of Psychic Terms  




Akashic Records:  Akasha is a Sanskrit word that is closely related to the word aether or sky. It has long been believed that everything that has ever occurred is recorded in some way on or in the surroundings. It is now also believed that the universe, life itself in fact, is holographic in nature. The relation to the word aether quite possibly points to a scientifically undiscovered substance, perhaps similar to ectoplasm that has plasticity and infinite recording capabilities and yet is invisible to us under ordinary circumstances. These holographic records can be psychically accessed, and possily physically accessed with equipment, which is perhaps what is occurring in the photographs I have taken that seem to record past or *future events rather than the activity of ghosts.

*See Time and Time Travel.  


Alien:  Generally used to denote someone from a different land, in some paranormal and research circles the definition relates to someone who comes from a different planet. Although the words alien and extraterrestrial have often been used interchangeably, nowadays more enlightened thinking perceives a difference. An alien is someone who has an uncaring attitude towards life, or parts of life. An attitude that is hostile to any part of life, or is greedy, power-hungry, control-based, and driven by acquisitiveness is considered alien. Conversely, an extraterrestrial will be at home or belong anywhere in the universe, having an advanced ambassadorial benevolent and supportive no-harm policy toward all life everywhere. Therefore a person can be an alien on their home planet at an intergalactic level. We see this behavior clearly within governmental, corporate and industrial activity across this planet, which is to all intents and purposes being controlled by people with an alien mentality that is not beneficial to our Earth or its inhabitants.


Animal Psi (Anpsi):  Various paranormal abilities exhibited by animals, which can include telepathy, precognition and bi-location, among others. 


Animist:  This term refers to the spiritual idea that all life is ensouled and spirits exist within everything. People, animals, insects, plants and minerals are all considered alive and evolving here on Earth. This belief has been held by various religions, faiths and traditions, including Shinto, the faery tradition and shamanism. Elements are found within Hinduism. It has also been propounded by various thinkers and philosophers down through the ages, Plato, Aristotle and Rudolf Steiner among them. Psychics, witches, shamans and pagans usually subscribe to this belief, which is also my own understanding, falling within my personal range of experience.


Anomaly:  An event, object or entity that is so strange or unusual that it is out of place. An extremely rare occurrence.  A deviation from that which is normal, even to the point of breaking or challenging established scientific beliefs. In paranormal terms, an anomalous sighting would be the reporting of a Sasquatch, UFO or similar. The images that appear in my pictures are photographic anomalies. If you were teleported suddenly to another country, this would be an anomalous event. See also cryptozoology and cryptohistory


Apparition:  A sudden anomalous appearance or materialization, such as of a ghost or phantom, and even sometimes religious figures. A Marian apparition, for instance, is the sudden seemingly supernatural appearance of an image of The Virgin Mary. 


Apport:  The paranormal appearance of an object that was not present before its seemigly supernatural appearance or manifestation. The paranormal transference of an object from one location to another. Apports can occur during poltergeist activity and sometimes during séances. 


Astral Travel/Astral Projection:  The ability to travel outside the body by transferring consciousness to the astral vehicle, also known as the astral body. Occurring naturally during sleep, astral travel can also be learned as a fully conscious exercise that can be completely remembered. Travel in the astral plane. 


Aura: The colorful electro-magnetic field of energy that surrounds any living being. The aura can sometimes be seen by clairvoyants. It changes constantly to reflect the physical, emotional and spiritual condition of the individual. 


Bilocation:  Bilocation, and more rarely, multilocation, is a phenomenon that occurs when a person, animal or object is in two physical locations at the same time. Reports of this phenomenon have been recorded throughout history and there are many modern instances, some well substantiated. 


Chi or Ch’i or Qi:  Chi, a Chinese word, is pronounced ‘chee’ and is the word most commonly used in connection with this force, but there exist parallel words in many languages. Chi is the sacred life-force energy of the Universe. This energy pulsates through every living thing and nothing could survive without it. It permeates all life and is constantly flowing. Acupuncture and Qi Gong are two healing modalities that utilize the flow and circulation of chi throughout the body to promote balance and restore health and vitality. This energy also vitalizes the Earth with its currents of living energy. See Power Spots. 


Clairaudience:  Meaning ‘clear hearing’, clairaudience is a type of extra-sensory perception. It is the paranormal ability to hear spirits and sounds from other dimensions. A person who practices clairaudience is clairaudient. Mediums sometimes use clairaudience to hear the messages spirits give for the living. 


Clairolfaction:  Meaning ‘clear smelling’, Clairolfaction is also known as ‘clairalience’. It is the paranormal ability to smell psychically. Some of the most common smells reported are cigarette and cigar smoke, cooking smells and the scent of perfume and flowers, especially fragrant white ones such as gardenia, lilies and lilac. It’s possible to smell anything psychically, as odors, having in reality a measureable wavelength, are stored in the surrounding environment along with visual and auditory data, and can as well be transmitted between dimensions when the conditions are conducive.


Clairsentience:  Meaning ‘clear feeling’, clairsentience is a type of extra-sensory perception. It is the gift of being able to feel and comprehend the emotions of people and animals that have died, or are far away. A person who practices clairsentience is a clairsentient. Mediums often use clairsentience to feel, be aware of, understand and empathize with spirits.  


Clairvoyance:  Meaning ‘clear seeing’, clairvoyance is a type of extra-sensory perception. The ability to see people, places and events, even at a distance, using extra-sensory powers. The ability to see without using the physical eyes. A person who practices clairvoyance is a clairvoyant. Mediums sometimes use clairvoyance to see spirits


Crisis Apparition:  An apparition that appears at a time of great import or crisis, such as circumstances of great danger, accident or death. An apparition is a ghost or phantom


Cryptohistory:  Cryptohistory means ‘hidden history’. The study of alternate theories regarding the correct history of Earth and her inhabitants. Recent investigation has revealed artifacts that are anomalous, but only in the light of outdated information. There are at present many strong challenges to the current dogmatic views regarding our past. Hidden information has been uncovered and much valid new evidence presented. As usual when the status quo is challenged there are those with vested interests who try and suppress information and use ridicule as a tool to slow down the re-educational process. My suggestion to anyone interested is that they make an independent study of the large amounts of information available. 


Cryptozoology:  Cryptozoology means ‘hidden zoology’. The study of anomalous and out of place animals. This includes research into animals that are considered to be extinct but may in actuality not be. This type of study is based on reported sightings and field research. The other category of cryptozoological research involves creatures for whom no empirical evidence exists, such as those labeled as mythic. This would include such often-reported creatures as dragons, monsters and unknown entities such as the famed ‘Mothman’. Animals and creatures which fall into these categories are called cryptids, and the people who study them are known as cryptozoologists


Crystal Gazing:  A form of scrying. The art of gazing into a crystal in order to access information otherwise hidden using extra-sensory perception. The crystal is used to focus the mind and stimulate clairvoyance. Sometimes precognitive and other images form in the crystal. The images can look similar to the ones in my psychic photographs. The crystal used is generally made of quartz but doesn’t have to be. Frequently the crystal has been shaped into a sphere, but any natural or shaped crystal or gem with a shiny surface, such as obsidian, can be used for the purpose of scrying. See Scrying


Demon:  A demon is a malevolent spirit generally regarded as being supernatural in origin. Christians believe that demons are fallen angels. Demons can be summoned in magical ceremonies, and this is one of the most dangerous of practices. Possession by a demon or demons can and does ruin people’s lives entirely, and in extreme cases can lead to death. If you have either deliberately or inadvertently allowed demonic energy into your life in some way you must get professional help. If you suspect this may be so, I have some advice for you: although going to a professional psychic or medium might help in cases of a haunting, possession is very much more serious. It is the experience of many people that intervention at a lesser level than a professional exorcist causes a deepening severity of symptoms and can precipitate a crisis. Do not go to your evangelical pastor or other religious leader or to ‘Madame Fortuna’ up the road. Contact a trained professional immediately. Whether you are religious or not has no bearing on the matter, as exorcism is a gift and gifted exorcists are trained. This is not something that can be learned or attained by anyone who doesn’t have this spiritual gift, so it’s best not to try it. See Possession.


Dimension:  We live in a three-dimensional world which employs concepts of other dimensions in a limited way. For instance, time is required as a coordinate dimension to complete the location of an event since the theory of relativity was described. No one has proved how many dimensions, or ‘separate spaces’ there are or may ultimately be. They may be infinite. Some can be proved mathematically in theory only, and conversely some theories in Quantum Science are and will be dependent upon other unknown dimensions to finally prove them – at some point in time and space. The many dimensions spoken of and described and recorded by psychics and mystics throughout history are used as parameters in psychic, magical, and even secretly carried-out scientific work. Unproven by conventional modern science, this doesn’t stop psychics from travelling in other dimensions. Apparently, neither does this lack of hard evidence stop some world governments from using and exploiting psychics in little-known but very real government programs that involve interdimensional explorations. In paranormal terms, anomalies are thought to come from outside of our time and space continuum. In other words they originate in other dimensions but manifest here in the third dimension at an intersection point. It’s probable that most paranormal events originate in the fourth dimension. Psychics who can travel OOB naturally take for granted the existence of other-dimensional existence, as they routinely experience and navigate it as familiar territory. 


Discarnate Entity:  The spirit of a deceased person. A disembodied spirit, human or otherwise.  


Disembodied:  A term used to describe a soul or spirit who has no corporeal body to inhabit in this dimension


Divination:  The art of making future predictions and seeing hidden events using any of a large variety of tools and techniques that have been developed by seers (see-ers) and psychics over the ages. Although there are thousands of different scrying methods in use around the world, the most common and popular methods remain the Tarot cards and shamanic scrying with a crystal or crystal ball, known as crystal gazing, which is practically a universal practice. See Scrying and Crystal Gazing. 


Dowsing:  Also known as ‘divining’ or ‘water witching. Dowsing is the ancient art of divining the location of anything without using conventional or scientific tools and instruments. Some of the most common uses for dowsing are found in the locating of water, mineral and gem deposits and hidden or lost objects, including people and animals. There are various methods of dowsing but two of the most common are to use a sturdy forked twig or a pendulum. When searching for things hidden underground, but especially water, the twig is grasped at the forked end and held out while walking over the land being searched.  The other end of the twig is pulled sharply downwards when the target is passed over. A pendulum is often used to determine simple answers as it will swing one way for ‘yes’ in response to a question and another for ‘no’, either in a circular motion or back and forth. It can also be used over land and even over maps and is capable of pinpointing a target area quite exactly when used by a proficient and experienced dowser. Although some psychics are born with an unusual gift for dowsing, almost anyone can easily learn to dowse for themselves. It’s a very useful skill that can be helpful in many areas, including health care, and instructions on how to dowse are widely available on the internet and in bookstores and libraries, as is information about most fringe subjects nowadays. 


Earthbound:  An earthbound spirit is one who is unable to pass over to the spirit world after the death of the body. This can be caused by a variety of conditions, including a traumatic, violent and unexpected death, strong negative emotions (such as hatred, fear or a desire for revenge) and strong attachments to people, habits or old belongings on the Earth plane. It is usual for a spirit to make the transition smoothly under normal circumstances. See the article ‘What are Ghosts?’ for more detailed information on this subject. 


Ectoplasm:  Also known as spirit energy or psychic fog, ectoplasm is a semi-fluidic substance. Ectoplasm is often visible in psychic photographs. It is a substance of great plasticity, and it’s used by spirits for manifestation purposes. Certain types of mediums produce ectoplasm, allowing for visible manifestation of spirits. Other names for ectoplasm are ecto-mist and ecto-vapor


Elemental:  First named as such by Paracelsus, elemental is a term now used to describe the forces of nature and the myriad entities of all sizes and descriptions that work with those forces on our planet. Originally divided into the four elements, Salamanders work with Fire, Undines with Water, Sylphs with Air and Gnomes with Earth. Often regarded as fairies or faeries, this is a common misconception that originated in Elizabethan times in Europe. It is possible to photograph and communicate with both elementals and faeries. See Faeries.


Empath:  A person who has empathy. Someone who has a psychic ability to experience the feelings, pain and emotions of another human being, animal or any other sentient entity


Entity:  When using this word in a paranormal sense, it refers to something that has a separate existence and identity, making it an individual. A being. An entity does not need to have a body to exist, nor does it have to be human. 


ESP:  Extra-Sensory Perception. The accessing of information through psychic means, such as telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition


EVP:  Electronic Voice Phenomena. An electronic technique for contacting spirits. Unexplained and anomalous voices can often be heard in white noise and static found coming from various sources. By recording various forms of white noise with the intent of capturing disembodied voices on audio tape, thousand of recordings have been made in recent years by researchers and interested people. Many of them do indeed contain audible voice and sometimes there are understandable words, phrases and sentences on them. Recently more sophisticated equipment has become available for those seriously wanting to get involved with paranormal electronic communication research. 


Extradimensional:  Having its origin outside our normal space-time reality. Interchangeable with interdimensional and intradimensional


Extraterrestrial or ET:  Originating from a home-planet other than Earth.


Faery or Fairy:  The alternative and most common spelling is fairy, but the word ‘faery’ is considered correct when describing the distinct race which they represent. Very misunderstood, most people assume faeries are creatures of myth that do not and never did really exist. They are in fact a living race separated dimensionally from us, but not by very much.

 At one time on Earth this separation was not so distinct. Marriages that produced offspring were quite frequently arranged and the ancestors of these unions still exist in the world today. Often in Europe they have *red hair and green eyes, but not always. This is in large part where hereditary witches find their ancestral origins, and also why attempts to exterminate them in the form of executing witches and those accused of being witches in many parts of the world were carried out, but particularly in Europe. At one time beloved of the people, faerie’s extreme magical and healing talents and earth-centered beliefs threatened those in power. 

Shakespeare, whose plays were very popular with ordinary working people, wrote frequently about fairies. At the time there was still a common faery tradition. It was understood before this time that faeries, although reported in many shapes and sizes, were known to be usually as tall as or taller than humans. His attempts to describe them as very tiny beings within his plays could have had several motives. Perhaps he wished to re-write popular folk knowledge and suspend belief in an alternate reality that by now was experienced more and more rarely by humans anyway. It’s possible he deliberately tried to confuse faeries with elemental life in people’s minds, hoping to hasten the end of the sporadic attempted genocide of humans with faery bloodline being perpetrated on and off over several hundred years, and re-direct popular thinking. Whatever his reasons, belief, knowledge and understanding of this other ancient race have mainly been slowly suspended over the last few hundred years. Some places however have preserved far more of this heritage and it still has influence on the lives and actions of people today in countries such as Ireland and Iceland. 

Further romanticized in Europe during the Victorian era as tiny, winged and child-like, the reality of their race in every part of the world has been largely forgotten. Faeries exist whether or not a person believes in them. Humans have an old and necessary alliance with faeries, and many people are working very hard to re-forge the bond between us to help restore balance. 

This same faery tradition once existed in one form or another everywhere on Earth.


*There’s a lot of information available today about ‘reptilians’ and who and what they are. Much of this information is put forward regarding a theory that green eyed, redheaded, ‘0 negative’ blood-type people are in actual fact frequently ‘hosting’ shape-shifting reptilians involved in the subjugation of this planet. Apart from the fact that this is insulting to the Irish and other races, it is a hasty theory which has been formulated without full knowledge of the facts. 

While I don’t doubt the long-standing and nefarious interference of a reptilian race on this planet, I think a mistake has been made. Both races have in common shape-shifting abilities, even if only latent, and this does lead to those with faery (known as the Sidhe in Ireland) bloodline presenting with slit pupils on occasion – a shared feature, but also common to other species, the cat for instance. In other words, being black and white does not make you a cow. Reptilians enjoy the stronger glandular secretions of those with faery blood. It’s what makes witches so psychic and sometimes powerful, but is also the key to feelings reptilians cannot generate naturally. Witches do fall prey to reptilians and have often been sacrificed for similar reasons. If you want to know the real difference, most reptilians like war, power and control. They do not hold this planet and all of the life-forms evolving on her sacred. They are not gentle and good custodians of all life. The faery race, on the other hand, has always been acknowledged as loving the land and nature passionately. Cats were routinely slaughtered in their thousands along with people during the times that innocents were burned, hung, drowned, raped and tortured for being witches. Of course, many of these people were innocent of even being psychic. Often having red hair or being different was enough to brand someone and have them killed, all in the name of religion, which was of course, just another control tactic. True spirituality does not, and never has, required any of the religious ‘rules’ people have dreamed up.

It may also be worth noting here that cats noticeably gravitate toward witches and psychics, but are the natural enemies of reptiles. I do not wish to imply here that there is anything wrong with reptiles as there are many species of reptilian creatures living and evolving here on the planet today, all beautiful. All life is precious. Neither do I believe that the races of upright bipedal reptilians in this universe all behave in a negative manner, but we usually see only the alien aggressors here on Earth. They have no other reason to be here right now. 


Fortean Phenomena:  Named after Charles Fort, American writer and researcher of the inexplicable, father of modern paranormal research. Phenomena of ‘High Strangeness’. The most extreme and bizarre paranormal and unexplainable events. Fortean events include such phenomena as falls of strange objects from the sky (such as fish or frogs), monster sightings and weird synchronicities. My psychic photography falls into the category of Fortean Phenomena as it is so extreme, clear and prolific and covers so many categories. 



Full-Body Apparition: A spirit who manifests completely, and is visible as an entire figure. Rarely seen with the naked eyes, this is also usually one of the rarest of paranormal photographic phenomena to capture on a photograph. I count myself fortunate because so many full-figure apparitions have manifested in my interdimensional photographs, often in color, allowing me to fully study them and share my findings. 


Gaia:  The Gaia hypothesis was formulated by James Lovelock in the 1960’s. An independent research scientist who worked for NASA in experiments designed to find life on Mars, Lovelock’s hypothesis states that Gaia is: 

A complex entity involving the Earth’s biosphere, atmosphere, oceans and soil; the totality constituting a feedback or cybernetic system which seeks optimal physical and chemical environment for life on this planet”. 

This basically argues that Earth is a living organism, a theory that has gained ground over the years, and which psychics, witches, shamans and animists have always known. 


Genius Loci:  Spirit of Place. A protective spirit that guards a specific area and is responsible in part for its special atmosphere or ‘flavor’. A minor deity that oversees an area, which can be small or large, and allows for the unique qualities of a place. This determines to some extent how we, and other species, interact with any location. A holistic outlook would ensure that man’s interaction with the land would be in keeping with both its spiritual and physical functions. 


Ghost:  The disembodied spirit of a deceased person or animal. A manifestation can be visual, auditory and olfactory. An experience can combine all of these senses. 


Ghost-light:  An anomalous illuminated and/or colored globule, most probaly formed from plasma. 


Globules:  A phenomena found in psychic photographs. To look at, they are similar to transparent or translucent drops or globules. They are self-contained and sometimes have tiny scenes or faces in them. 


Haunting:  A haunting occurs when a location becomes the permanent or semi-permanent setting for paranormal phenomena, particularly the sort associated with deceased people or animals. Activity specific to haunting are the repeated phenomena of apparitions, sounds, smells and such noticeable events as sudden extreme temperature drops and feelings of unease or fear. Usually some event or situation has triggered a haunting, either in the past or present. Structural changes in old buildings can release stored psychic data and cause events of the past to partially re-run, like old movies. This kind of activity can often be seen and heard and is not in fact a true haunting, but instead is known as a residual haunting. In rare instances, people or even objects can become haunted. 


Interdimensional:  Having its origin outside our normal space-time reality. Interchangeable with extradimensional. ‘Interdimensional photography’ is the term I sometimes use to refer to what I do. I am capturing and preserving visual data of life-forms and images that don’t originate in this dimension in my photographs. 


Intuition:  The ability to understand events and circumstances without rational analysis. A state of ‘knowing’ that isn’t arrived at through employing rational intellectual thought. 


ITC:  Instrumental Transcommunication. An exchange of information between disembodied spirits and the living by means of an instrument, usually electronic in nature. The messages or pictures are both received and stored using some kind of technical device. When I intend to photograph spirits and they agree to communicate with me by manifesting on the photographs, this is a type of Instrumental Transcommunication. There are many instruments that can be used for this type of experimentation, including but not limited to TV, radios, tape recorders, computers, and telephones. 


Kirlian Photography:  A method of photography used in an area of research that utilizes high frequency electric current to produce images of people surrounded by colored aura-like lights. Although interesting this is not a form of psychic photography but a mechanically produced result. 


Light Rod:  A bar-like rod of light that can display in different forms, including a bending motion, when it’s known as a ‘swirling light rod’. They can appear in different colors and may have globules around, near or even in them. Other anomalous images, such as faces, can sometimes also be present. 


Luminous Phenomena:  Unexplained lights, sparkles and glowing that can appear anywhere, including in the air, around people, animals, plants and objects. 


Materialization:  The paranormal formation of a visible person, animal or object. A sudden unexplained appearance or apparition


Medium:  A medium is a person who can communicate with and receive messages from a deceased person. A medium is psychic but that doesn’t mean that all psychics are mediums. There are generally considered to be two types of mediumship. One is mental mediumship and the other is physical mediumship. Mental mediumship employs psychic gifts to communicate with spirits using clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance. Physical mediums communicate with spirits through physical means and it involves the physical presence of the medium. When I use a camera and record spirit images, this is a type of physical mediumship. Other forms are ‘direct voice’, ‘materialization’ and ‘trance’. 


Occult:  The word occult means ‘hidden wisdom’ and its root is the Latin word ‘occultus’ which refers to something hidden, secret or perhaps even clandestine. Occultism is the practice of an occult art and in modern times that means skills that are paranormal or magical in nature. An occult order is one that teaches and shares such skills with initiates. An occultist is one who applies them. Throughout history it has been wise for people involved in such arts to require secrecy to protect members from persecution. Unfortunately, although this has also allowed nefarious activities to go unnoticed (a condition that still persists today), there is a lot of hysterical and nonsensical fear surrounding the subject in general. Many people have been taught to think of ‘black magic’ automatically when the subject of the occult is raised which prevents them from learning things which could benefit them greatly. Anyone is entitled to begin a personal search for knowledge and wisdom, and that which seems hidden does not remain so for ever. 


OOBE or OOB:  Out of Body Experience or Out of Body. See Astral Projection. The ability to leave the physical body and transfer to one made of less dense material that is suited to travelling in other dimensions. This body also belongs to the individual personally, and the technique of leaving the physical body consciously when we wish to can be learned. Becoming consciously interdimensional is a wise thing to do at this stage of the human experience. We are naturally multi-dimensional beings when not experiencing a life in a three-dimensional body. 


OOPArt:  OOPArt stands for ‘Out Of Place Artifact’. This generally refers to an object that is discovered in a place where it should not be according to current understanding, or one believed to be completely beyond the capabilities of the culture it was found within to have technologically created. Examples would be archeological finds that exhibit technology of a modern era yet were found trapped in rock formed millions of years ago. Paleontological finds can also be OOPArts. These anomalies puzzle people as they cannot be understood within a conventional context. I have been known to borrow the term, calling some of the images in my pictures ‘photographic OOPArts’ as they also are out of place and extremely anomalous.


Orbs:  An orb is a spherical shaped anomaly that is often bright as though lit from within. It is accepted in paranormal circles that orbs are spirits, or the vehicles they travel in. They can be photographed alone or in their hundreds and their images can be captured anywhere. Usually whitish in color, they can appear more rarely in any color at all. A major problem has been the fact that many natural phenomena under certain circumstances can mimic the appearance of orbs in a photo. Dust is one example. This shouldn’t and doesn’t stop serious researchers. Orbs may be constructed internally of ectoplasm or plasma and come in various sizes. Much more intensive research is needed into this fascinating subject, and there are now a few people who have taken up this task. I don’t try to get orbs, though I sometimes do, but I’ve studied other people’s pictures and I believe there’s a lot more to them than we might think. Other people’s research has indicated that spirits in motion display as orbs, the energy being compressed until they come to rest. At this point a de-compression occurs and the spirit expands into ectoplasm. Another word for this is ecto-vapor. It’s also thought that some orbs are vehicles for multiple spirits. I think this is all correct, although not all moving spirits display as orbs. See ‘vortex’. 


Ouija Board:  Pronounced wee-ja.A method of contacting the spirit world involving the use of a board with a planchette. Letters of the alphabet, numbers, and simple answers such as ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are placed around the board. Often an upside-down glass, or something special devised for the purpose, is used to navigate the board. One or more people place a finger on the upturned glass and it spells out messages purportedly from spirits. Whereas there are trained people proficient in all types of spirit contact, this is potentially one of the most dangerous methods and I would not be able to fully recommend it, especially for the young and inexperienced. It certainly isn’t a beginners tool although unfortunately it’s the most popular, being relatively easy to operate by almost anyone.


Paranormal:  This term covers experiences and phenomena that cannot be adequately explained by conventional science at its current level of understanding. It includes but is not limited to all matters related to psychic phenomena, ESP, ghosts, psychic powers, fringe sciences, UFOs, miracles, angels, aliens, faeries and other non-human entities and unusual gifts and healing powers. 


Parapsychology:  The scientific investigation of paranormal phenomena using quantitative methods. Research of a psychical nature. 


Phantom:  A phantom is another term for a ghost, spirit or apparition. The spirit of a deceased person or animal. On occasion phantom scenes are seen by people. Phantom sounds, odors and touches can also be experienced in haunted locations or during a visitation (visit from a spirit). 


Phenomenon:  This word is normally used to describe any visible occurrence. In parapsychological terms, phenomenon refers to a paranormal event. In this context it could also refer to phenomena that are perceived with other senses, such as touch, hearing and smell.  Some phenomena may even be sensed only with the mind, 


Photo-medium:  A spirit photographer whose mediumistic abilities allows for the visible manifestation of spirits and associated phenomena in a photograph. I’m a photo-medium. 


Poltergeist:  Literally meaning ‘noisy spirit’, poltergeist activity can become quite troublesome. Signs of poltergeist activity can include objects moving on their own, objects appearing and disappearing and unexplained noises. Many psychics and mediums, including myself, have experienced this phenomenon, especially during adolescence. Often it disappears after a certain length of time, but it can re-occur, and some people experience paranormal activity around themselves on-and-off for an entire lifetime. In more severe instances episodes can become more difficult, with outbreaks of fire, manifestations of water, blood or other substances, breakage of glass and china items, thrown objects and furniture movement. In rare instances, personal attacks can occur, with people being scratched, bitten, kicked, punched or pushed. Usually one person seems to be the main focus in an outbreak, often a younger person. Voices may be heard. Spirits may manifest. 


Possession:  The taking over of a person’s body by another entity, frequently a demon.  This situation often begins in a manner similar to poltergeist activity and then escalates. Possession is a very much more serious matter, and can be lethal in a small percentage of cases. See Demon


Power Spot:  There are many locations on the planet that are considered to be power spots. The Earth has her own energy grid, similar to the ones found in all organic life-forms, including humans. This system is responsible for sending Chi energy or life-force along what are called meridians throughout our bodies. The entire planet is gridded in a similar way, and a power spot is any location where intensified energy is available compared to the surrounding land, and this tends to be where these lines carrying life-force energy intersect. One name for some of these Earth meridians is ‘Ley lines’. The energies available at power spots can be used for ceremonies and personal spiritual work. They are also used to balance Earth energies, as they are designed to be interactive between humans, animals, birds, plants, insects and other life-forms such as faeries and elementals.


Precognition:  A type of extra-sensory perception. The ability to see into the future and determine certain events ahead of time. This can be an involuntary experience or even a learned skill for a person gifted with this particular psychic talent. Information can be received through scrying, prophetic dreams, visions or a strong and definite feeling. 


Proof Research:  Paranormal research done with the aim of demonstrating conclusive proof of the existence of one or more forms of Psi


Psi:  This term encompasses every form of psychic ability generally, including ESP and PK. 


Psychic:   Forces that are paranormal in nature. A person with psychic or paranormal powers and skills. Everybody is psychic to a degree, and most people can develop their ability to some extent, however a psychic is considered to have one or more special talents or gifts that manifest spontaneously and naturally. 


Psychic Photography:  Paranormal photographic images. Interdimensional or intradimensional photography. True psychic photography, as a pose to thoughtography, requires a psychic photographic medium, which enables communication with spirits and their subsequent manifestation on a photographic or video image. Basically, this means that the psychokinetic energy of the spirit or ghost is recorded on the photo with the aid of the psychic’s energies. 


Psychic Photographic Medium:  This term refers to a person who interacts energetically with spirits in a way that allows them to manifest visibly on a photograph. See Photo-medium


Psychokinesis or PK:  The ability to influence objects using psychokinetic energy generated psychically, and without using usual physical manipulation. Influencing matter with the powers of the mind.   


Qualitative Method:  The collection of non-quantitative and possibly experimental data for research purposes. Qualitative data is collected from observations and accounts, interviews, case studies and reports. It is not considered to be hard evidence. 


Quantitative method:  The collection of scientific and numerical data for statistical analysis in an effort to gather hard evidence. 


Remote Viewing or RV:  A term first coined in 1975 that refers to the gathering of information paranormally at a distance using coordinates and a target.  The Stargate Project was a $20,000,000 project carried out by the US Federal Government to try and determine if there was any military use for ESP and it involved the development and use of RV. The project was terminated in 1995 and later de-classified, but remote viewing is still used in various applications. Despite governmental denials, there are people once involved personally in these programs who claim that they were astoundingly accurate. 


Reiki:   A healing modality received in 1922 by Mikao Usui. This method is one that uses universal energy as a healing source rather than the personal energy of the healer which can lead to depletion and sickness. Since this time many other forms of Reiki and similar energetic healing techniques have been discovered and developed. Although no clinical trials have proved its efficacy, many Reiki Masters give Reiki to supplement other therapies, and many people have claimed to have received its beneficial effects. Reiki is particularly useful as it can be given as distance healing which means the person receiving the energy doesn’t have to be physically present. Reiki can also be used to treat animals, plants and situations. It’s completely safe and doesn’t transfer the personal energy of the healer but only the impersonal universal healing energy. 


Rods:  Rods are a recently discovered phenomenon. They are supposedly creatures that live in the air much as fish do in water, but are transparent and capable of movement generally too fast to see. They are long, which is why they are called rods, and seem to display ‘fins’ that propel them through the air. They have been photographed numerous times and although more likely to be captured with a video camera sometimes turn up on still photographs. They seem to come in various sizes, ranging from a few centimeters long up to a very large three to five meters in length. Other names for this possibly organic phenomenon are ‘sky fish’ and ‘solar entities’. I took two photographs that contain what I believe to be rods. This is an example of a subject that would fall under a cryptozoological ad Fortean heading.


Sasquatch:  A large ape-like creature that is reported all over the world and inhabits forested and mountainous areas. Although reported more extensively in North America, the Sasquatch has many names, including Bigfoot, Yeti, and Yowie (Australian). Even England has reports of ape-like creatures. It has been reported as being six to ten feet standing erect, and weighing possibly up to five hundred pounds and covered in hair. Descriptions vary in different locations, with the Yeti of the Himalayas being snowy white while the Sasquatch is medium to dark brown. Cryptozoologists have been researching this anomalous creature for many years. 


Scrying:  The art of divination using a reflective surface to look into, such as a crystal ball, gem, mirror, glass or water. See also Crystal Gazing


Sensitive:  A psychic or medium is sometimes referred to as a sensitive. See Psychic


Shaman:  Shamans act as intermediaries between this world and the other-dimensional spirit world. Shamans are chosen by spirit, and not the other way round. It is a calling. Using psychic and paranormal powers and skills, trained shamans intercede on behalf of the people they live amongst, seeking balance and healing for those in need by using magical and visionary methods. Ecstatic trance is often used as a vehicle to travel between this world and the world of spirits and ancestors to seek knowledge supernaturally. Shamans practice shamanism and their skills are shamanic in nature. 


Shape-shifting:  The ability to assume another form, either while in the physical or astral body. A shape-shifting human can change into either another human, or more commonly, an animal of some kind. Genuine shape-shifting of the body involves the physical re-organization of the molecular structure, not just a visionary journey. 


Simulacrum:  Random combinations of light and shadow form random shapes against backgrounds such as rock, sky, water, trees, glass, stonework and any other textured objects. This is known as matrixing. When these patterns come together and form images that strongly resemble something else, this likeness is known as a ‘simulacrum’.  The human eye as an extension of the brain is always trying to make sense of the objects around it. Finding familiar patterns and labeling them is part of the brain’s job, especially when it comes to faces. There’s a definite tendency towards labeling simulacra (plural) in photographs as paranormal, and this gives skeptics and hostile parties plenty of valid ammunition. This is another good reason to strike out and edit anomalous images. Be brave and try it if you are a psychic photographer. Even if your specialty is orbs, edit them, for sometimes there are surprises inside them. If your image dissolves into nothingness, so be it, but if you edit an eye in a spirits face and find detail, a pupil and reflected light, you’ll know. At this level, with conscious attention to detail, the brain certainly does know the difference between a genuine anomaly and a simulacrum. 


Sixth Sense:  Meaning the ability to experience beyond the five senses, the term sixth sense covers a variety of psychic abilities, from simple intuition to more complex uses of such gifts. Generally termed ESP, or extra-sensory perception


Spirit:  A person who has died and has no corporeal body. A ghost, phantom or apparition. Other categories of spirits exist and there are entities in existence who never owned corporeal bodies. Appearances of the spirits of animals and other creatures have been reported many times. Spirits associated with nature and vegetation and guardian spirits of place are examples of spirits who never had material bodies while working on and in Earth.  


Spirit of Place:  A protective spirit that guards a specific area and is responsible in part for its unique atmosphere or ‘flavor’. A minor deity that oversees an area, which can be small or large, and allows for the unique qualities of a place. See Genius Loci


Spirit Photography:  Photographs of the spirits or likenesses of people and animals that have died. This can include faces, eyes or other body parts and more rarely, full-body apparitions, which I am fortunate enough to frequently receive. 


Subliminal Perception:  Perceiving without access to ordinary conscious means of obtaining the information. 


Supernatural or Supranatural:  Both words mean ‘above nature’.  Anything that is not quantifiable and has its existence outside or beyond that which is known to science at its present level of understanding. The paranormal in general is considered supernatural. 


Synchronicity:  This word describes instances when two or more events that appear to be unrelated, having no apparent causal relationship, occur together in a way that could be described as meaningful. To be a true synchronicity the likelihood of the events happening coincidentally has to be extremely low to zero. An example of a synchronicity would be three friends who had never won the lottery before in their lives each winning $43.62 on separate lottery tickets purchased in seperate towns on the same day. Smaller synchronicities happen frequently, an example being if you were to write a word or sentence on a piece of paper at the same time as someody spoke it on the TV.


Telepathy:  Thought Transference. The ability to read the thoughts of a person or other being, or the ability to transfer one’s own thoughts into the mind of a person or other being, such as an animal or spirit. Mind-to mind communication without the use of speech. 


Teleportation:  The transportation of objects to different locations by paranormal or generally unknown scientific means. 


Thoughtography:  The ability to produce images on film or photographs paranormally by means of concentrating the powers of thought to produce the resulting picture. Differing from spirit photography, thoughtography records the psychokinetic energy projected by the thought of the practitioner. 


Time and Time Travel:  Defining time has always posed a problem, especially asno one yet has a proper understanding of it. Time is not at all as we imagine it to be from our third dimensional viewpoint. We use it as a quantity that measures duration. It’s measured with reference to the rotation of the earth and from the vibrations of certain atoms. We perceive it as flowing in a linear way from one event to the next, or as separating two events in a series of measured intervals. From this vantage point it might seem impossible to be able to travel back and forth along this or any other timeline. But is it? It’s only physics, when all is said and done, and science has already progressed an almost unimaginable way further than those who are running the show would like us to know. Time is not as we are taught to believe it is.

There are those who believe time travel has already been accomplished. Was having inadequate comprehension of the subject enough to stop those who had stumbled on a secret and ancient technology from experimenting with it? To learn more about this subject, visit ‘The Pirates of Time’ on this web site.


Unidentified Flying Object or UFO:  Unexplained and unidentifiable objects in the sky. While this can indicate the presence of extraterrestrials or aliens, the term refers to any unexplained object or light in the sky, whether its origin is terrestrial or not. 


Visions:  A vision is similar to a dream, except it usually occurs while awake and in startling clarity and detail. Frequently they are prophetic in nature, but religious visions are common also, and so is the manifestation of spirits and religious divinities within them. They are frequently considered to be messages from minor gods and deities, or even from the Higher Self, our personalized contact with God, or Prime Creator. It’s possible that messages are received ‘dressed’ in a way that we can comprehend and relate to, which would be necessary in times when people seem to have forgotten their own origins and are entrenched heavily in religious beliefs that are corrupted man-made versions of truth. Visions not only give us guidance and comfort, they also help us to realize who we are and where we are going as we all continue onward on our Divine journey.  

Visions can occur within dreams, but usually the dreamer knows immediately, both within the vision and upon wakening, that the experience was extraordinary in content and impact. 

Someone who has visions is a visionary. 


Vortex:  1. A funnel-shaped energy formation that manifests in association with a spirit or ghost in motion.  The whirlwind-like movement is a method of locomotion. This activity has sometimes been caught on a photograph. A vortex of this type may be composed of ectoplasm or ecto-vapor.  2. Believed by some to be an entrance through which spirits can come and go. A gateway vortex is necessary for this phenomenon to occur. It can can be associated with a place, incident or even a person, and creates a point of entrance and exit with free passage for spirits,and more rarely for embodied people. 






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