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My Sitemap

Hierarchical Sitemap

  • Jane Tripp is a psychic photographic medium, photographer, artist, writer and innovative researcher and experimenter.

  • Consorting with Spirits is the best place in the world to see photographs of real ghosts and spirits and learn about interdimensional and trans-time photography. See the incredible paranormal photgraphy of psychic Jane Tripp.

  • Buy images of real ghosts from the 'Consorting with Spirits' store! The store offers a variety of iitems for lovers of the paranormal.

  • Contact Psychic Photographer Jane Tripp.

  • The paranormal photography section offers a variety of incredible galleries featuring photos of real ghosts and other amazing visual anomalies.

  • A useful glossary of psychic terms and their meaning.

  • Links to the best paranormal sites on the internet for serious research.

  • Articles about the astonishing and amazing world of the paranormal. Find out about ghosts and other spirits and take a peek inside the world of a psychic who photographs into other dimensions, capturing amazing details. Learn about ghost photography and try it for yourself using tips from a real psychic photographic medium.

  • Is it possible to photograph the future? See the sensational evidence that Jane Tripp presents to show the possibility of just that - taking a snapshot of a possible future from our own time-line.

  • Explore the amazing possibility of photographing past events with Jane Tripp and see the photographic evidence.

  • See real photographs of ghosts! Jane Tripp has the ability to photograph unique scenes containing detailed images of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. Visit and download a completely free eBook containing many genuine and enthralling photos of ghosts and much more.

  • Explore trans-time photography, the strange phenomenon that enables Jane Tripp to photograph backwards - and forwards - in time.

  • Explore the possibilities of taking photographs of both the past and the future with Jane Tripp, who is an interdimensional and trans-time photographer.

  • See the amazing results Jane Tripp receives when photographing video footage - and see why!


Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp